Small Business Marketing

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about whether the services I write about here at Hiram’s Edge are available as paid services for small businesses. The answer is yes. I do provide internet marketing and search engine optimization for businesses.

There are four primary steps to SEO, listed below. If you are a small business owner and would like to increase your online traffic, consider the following:

Step #1: Content

We live in a point and click society, one where images attract web traffic. Those images are a key piece of any content marketing strategy, but once you’ve captured a prospect’s interest, where is the substance of your offering?

Step #2: Start a Blog

To understand your target market better I generally recommend starting a blog, a  great way to have an online, casual conversation with prospects and clients. It should not be done to “promote” your product and services.

Step #3: Get Backlinks

Two other media tools that I use, primarily for driving traffic and generating leads, are SEO articles and press releases. Proper placement of these content creations requires extensive research and knowledge of search engine optimization and page ranking.

Step #4: Social Media and Directory Posting

The content vehicles above will produce backlinks to your website, which Google uses as an important variable in calculating page rank. You can also obtain backlinks by doing Social Media Marketing and submitting your site link to relevant directories.

If you’d like to learn more about business marketing or SEO, use the form below. Please include a project summary and your contact info with phone number.