Setting Up Your New WordPress Website

Your website has been created and is ready to use. It’s pretty basic right now, so there are a few steps you’ll want to take to modify it.

Step 1: Change the “About Our Lodge” Page Content

You’ll notice that there are three pages on your website. They are:

  • About Our Lodge
  • Contact Us
  • New and Events

Let’s start with the “About Our Lodge” page. The information on that page is fairly vanilla. It tells the visitor the founding date of the lodge, geographic location, a brief description of your recent events, and a link to the contact page.

You’ll want to make this page a bit more engaging. Have one of your more literary brothers write some new content (no more than 200 words) and then watch the video below to learn how to modify the page.

Step 2: Create Posts for Your Events

Now that your website is complete, all you need to do is create posts whenever you’re doing an event. A post can be a simple matter of adding your flier as a media image and creating a title, or it can be much more. Watch the video below:

Step 3: Watch our Class Video on WordPress

Hiram’s Edge provides an online class on WordPress. Once you’ve completed the first two steps you may want to take some time to watch it. The class is specific to Masonic Lodges and will teach you how to make some more advanced modifications to your website, like adding a Paypal page. Here’s the class video in its entirety:


Important: Social Media Connection is Already Established

Your website “News and Events” page is connected to the District 22 Website and Facebook Page, so any time you publish a post it will appear on both. It is not connected to your lodge Facebook page. You’ll have to post there manually.

The District 22 Technology Team will be setting up events next year to raise funds for paid web traffic from the geographical areas our lodges cover. Be sure to post ALL of your events. We’ll make sure everyone knows they are happening.