Online Learning Syllabus

2018 Golden Gavel Nominee for Best Masonic Education Program

The first three classes of Hiram’s Edge were broadcast online and have been published on this website as video presentations. You can also view them on our Facebook page at The modules are:

Module I: WordPressLearn how to build a WordPress website, choose the correct theme, add pages and posts, incorporate Paypal links for dues payments and donations, and connect to social media to promote events. 

Module II: Social Media: Create and maintain social media pages, both public and private. Develop understanding of target audiences and appropriate messaging.

Module III: Email Marketing: Introduction to Constant Contact. Instruction on how to build email lists, create newsletters, send public and private announcements, and design event invitations and landing pages.

Blog Articles / Lesson Topics

Topic I: Event Planning: Events don’t just happen. They require a theme, a committee, workers, vendors, onsite promotional materials, and capture mechanisms to build email lists and membership. Team building ideas for small business owners.

Topic II: Innovation: What makes your lodge or business unique? Learn about branding, value proposition, and incorporating those elements into communications and events. Introduction to Idea Books and Niche Marketing.

Topic III: Content Creation: Using Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to create promotional materials and tracking systems. Vendor negotiation and utilization. How to use your blog and social media to promote public events. 

Topic IV: Image and Video Marketing: Create custom videos and learn to market on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter with Masonic Images. Use the skills taught in prior lessons to reach a younger audience.

Topic V: Search Engine Optimization: What is SEO? Most have heard the term, but have very little understanding of it. These lessons will teach you what it is and how to use SEO to make your website rank higher in Google search results.