This is how we do it

Freemasonry is on the rise in Massachusetts and technology is one of the primary reasons why. With a Grand Master focused on membership and a marketing team willing to embrace new techniques, we’re heading in the right direction.

As the Masonic year draws to a close, I’d like to give special recognition to some of the Worshipful Masters and brothers who have gone above and beyond this year. These are some of the men who’ve “stepped up their game” to help our fraternity grow.

Golden Gavels are coming soon. Keep these brothers in mind.

Success Starts with the Worshipful Master

“Membership development and retention is a key initiative for every Lodge and District in this Jurisdiction. Every Brother is empowered to promote Freemasonry to honorable men and retain existing Brothers by keeping them engaged” – Worshipful Michael Cavanagh

I’m a Past Master of Charles W. Moore Lodge and I thought I did a pretty good job in my two terms there, but Worshipful Michael Cavanagh has shown me there is so much I still need to learn about running a lodge. His efforts have humbled me.

Installed back in September of 2017 (by me), Worshipful Cavanagh has breathed new life into the lodge. He’s raised three new Masons already and they have five more in the pipeline to start their degrees in September. They’ve lost … none.

Some of the changes Michael has made have been procedural, instituting regular readings of the Grand Constitutions, extended officer training, and weekly cipher classes. He’s also carried on the tradition of “social nights” for the brethren and families. The men who follow him share an unbreakable bond that is a joy to see.

Masonic Installation at Charles W. Moore Lodge, Fitchburg, MA
Installation of Worshipful Michael Cavanagh – Charles W, Moore Lodge – 10/7/17

Utilizing Media Channels to Promote Events

“For me, service to others is truly living and acting “on the level.” I take pride in this. The main reason I joined Freemasonry was to have a direct impact on the community. It’s a humbling experience to do good for others and expect nothing in return. ” – Brother Michael Cook

Worshipful Cavanagh and three of his officers were participants in the very first online class of Hiram’s Edge and have been following the program since. The lodge has a WordPress website, an internal Facebook group, and does email marketing.

On May 5th, Charles W. Moore Lodge sponsored it’s 4th Annual Child Safety Day, done in partnership with the Fitchburg Fire and Police Departments. Brother Michael Cook, who organized the event, did the following to prepare:

  • Distributed fliers to all the elementary and middle school children in town
  • Posted the event on Facebook to multiple groups and pages
  • Did a TV spot on Fitchburg Access TV
  • Interviewed with the Worcester Telegram and Gazzette, which ran a story on it

It was no big surprise that the event was successful. Our MyChip program provided ID kits for 150 children, brothers showed up to help from every lodge in the district and beyond, and multiple inquiries for membership came in. That’s how we do it.

Brother Kyle Cole, Duckie the Clown, and Brother Michael Cook. Fitchburg Child Safety Day 2018
Brother Kyle Cole, Duckie the Clown, and Brother Michael Cook.
Fitchburg Child Safety Day 2018

Online Masonic Marketing at Ezekiel Bates Lodge

“Our website, built just two years ago, has increased community interest in Freemasonry, helped us to sell more event tickets, and enabled us through Paypal to more easily receive dues payments.” – Worshipful Bryan Simmons

Worshipful Michael Cavanagh humbles me. Worshipful Bryan Simmons, Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attleboro, amazes me. I had the pleasure of working with him on the Lodge of Instruction Committee this year and I have to give kudos to his creativity.

The list of Worshipful Simmons’ Masonic accomplishments and projects is too long for this article, but you can be certain I’ll be referencing them often in the next few months. For now, let me begin by telling you he has raised Eleven New Masons this year.

Worshipful Bryan Simmons has coordinated massive events like Masonic Con, done themed business meetings, produced colorful and interesting monthly communications, and sits on the Masonic Education and Training Committee.

As an advocate of using online tools for lodge event marketing, promotion, and membership initiatives, I’ve been paying attention to Ezekiel Bates Lodge all year. I consider them a prime example of how Freemasonry can grow today.

Over the summer I’ll be designing some new Hiram’s Edge modules on incorporating video marketing into your lodges online presence. The Ezekiel Bates Lodge website, which is a hosted site, has a video section built into it. That’s brilliant. I’ll explain why next month and how YouTube videos can increase traffic to your website.


Worshipful Bryan Simmons

The Masonic Ring, by Brother Howie Damron

“It’s not for fame and fortune that we do what we do. It’s who we are.The teachings of Freemasonry are needed worse today than ever in the history of the craft and that’s thousands of years”. – Brother Howie Damron

On Friday night, June 1st, Worshipful Michael Cavanagh had the privilege of raising his son Brendan to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Having experienced this myself with my son Miguel, I understand the immense pride Michael felt that evening.

I was going to use this section of the article to teach a little bit about video marketing with Youtube, but during my research I found this. It’s a video we as Freemasons should play for all of our sons, grandsons, and any other good men in our lives.

Howie Damron is a brother I have never met, but I would like to. He’s a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason from Waterloo 532 Ohio Lodge. If you’d like to read more about him or hear other songs, go to

Now please listen, and share this video to as many channels as possible.

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