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Is auto-posting an effective strategy for disseminating your content? On Tuesday, October 17th, 2017, we produced a Hiram’s Edge module on Social Media Marketing. Shortly after, I received an email from one of our subscribers asking about a recent WordPress update. The update, re-published on a site called “Here Next Year“, reads as follows:

2016 Update: We do not advise auto-posting from blog to social. Customizing your posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and including your URL link in the post produces much better engagement results.”

I agree, and I disagree. There are scenarios where auto-posting is the most effective way to go and there are other situations where creating a custom post would be a better choice. Confused? Let me break it down for you.

When NOT to Use Auto-Posting

If you’re looking to start a conversation thread, customize your post. Create some original content, insert a link to the page or post it alludes to, and then type a call to action command, like “Please enter your comment below” or “Let’s start a conversation. What do you think?” Take your time putting it together and be creative when composing both the intro content and the CTA.

The situations you will use this type of post in will be almost exclusively brother to brother (engagement) communications. The content you post to the general public will most likely be promotional content, which is an entirely different animal.

Here’s an example of engagement content:

Hiram’s Edge recently published our second lesson module, titled “Social Media Marketing”. We’re asking for your input. Please take a look and then post your comments below. You can view it now at https://hiramsedge.com/syllabus/social-media-marketing/

Posting Tip: Create the post inside WordPress and then paste it into your social media page. When you do this, you can set the link to “Open in a New Tab”. Here are the steps:

  1. Type out or paste your content link into a blank WordPress page or post
  2. Highlight the link and click on the link button at the top of the page (see image)
  3. Paste the link address into the text box that pops up and then click the gear wheel directly to the right of the box
  4. Check the box for “Open Link in New Tab”
  5. Click “Insert Link” at the bottom of the page

By doing it this way, you ensure that the reader keeps his social media page open while he’s reading the page you link to. If you don’t check the “new tab” box, the reader’s social media page will be replaced by the linked page and you’ll never see any engagement.

When is Auto Posting Effective?

If you go to the “Events” page for Saint Paul Lodge, my home lodge, you can see multiple examples of “promotional content“. Articles written to promote events or even talk about the benefits of Freemasonry do not require engagement from your readers. In most cases, the imagery is what attracts the eye and repetition is what draws attention.

To reach the largest audience, use the “sharing” option in your WordPress settings menu (see image). You can connect your site to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to have your blog posts hit all social media platforms at the same time. For event promotion, there are few mediums more powerful than this. Best of all, auto-posting is free. At Saint Paul and other lodges where we’ve used auto-posting we’ve had successful events for years without spending a dime on advertising. Does that resonate?

One final tip I can offer is to activate the social sharing buttons for posts on your WordPress site. If you look closely at the image above you’ll see two tabs at the top of the page, one for “connections” and one for “sharing buttons”. Be sure to set them both up. You’ll find that your traffic will increase and your events will be more successful.


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